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Dallas Pet Photographer Portraits – Dog, Cat, Horse

Dallas Pet Photographer – 877-858-0071

Dallas Pet Photographer, Marcus is here to take precious photos of your dog, cat or horse.

Our pet photography has 5 quick reasons why we will bring out the best in your pet portrait photos:

1. We know the right angle

Our pet portraits get down on your pet’s level. We’re not afraid to experiment with different camera angles. We can use a stool or chair to prop your pet up if he or she is short.

2. Treats get your pet’s attention

When we photograph your pet, you should keep treat handy to reward your pet for sitting still so long. Heck, give your family members their favorite candy for posing during the family portion of the photo shoot.

3. We get creative with color

Considering the color or design of the backdrop you are working with is important when taking photos of your pets. Matching your dog’s or cat’s fur to the color of a blanket, chair or wall can turn out looking extremely artistic. Conversely, make your pet pop against a patterned background or bold piece of furniture. We happen to love this photographer’s color pallet and inspiration from everyday artwork.

4. Be natural and fun

Listen — if you don’t normally go swimming with Harry the Hamster, don’t start now. Take photographs of you being you with your cuddly friend. Walk your dog, pet your cat or feed your fish. Photos where you look forced (or are forcing your pet to do/be someone he or she isn’t) look silly, not sweet.

5. Take advantage of nature

There’s a reason postcards are always depicting scenery — God’s nature is truly amazing. So why not use the mountains, lakes, flowers, clouds, sky, grass, and trees to your advantage? Go outside to take your photos (but make sure your camera is set to the appropriate outdoor mode). No matter where you live or what the weather may be, put your backyard to good use. Not a promising forecast? Sometimes rain can provide unexpected elements you can use to your advantage, like puddles and umbrellas.

So call us for Dallas Pet Portraits at 877-858-0071.
Call Dallas Pet Photographer at 877-858-0071

Dallas Maternity Portrait Photographer – Studio Photography

Dallas Maternity Portraits are an important part of your preganancy. You want to document this very previous time of life with professional photography.

Marcus is a professional portrait photographer in Dallas Does she remember being pregnant? One thing is for sure; you aren’t going to look like this for very long. A “mother to be” turns in to a new mom!

More and more pregnant Dallas women have been interested in having themselves photographed during this special time. Dallas pregnancy portraits can be a wonderful way to commemorate the beginning of motherhood, but they take a lot of extra skill and care to get just right. 

You can schedule this portrait session later in your pregnancy and it can be nude, semi nude or fully clothed – whatever your comfort level. Simply call 877-858-0071.


Dallas Real Estate Video – The Best Way to Sell Your Home

When it comes to Dallas Real Estate Video, it is all about a savvy video presentation to SELL your house. It turns our that SHOWING is the key to Selling (or leasing).

There are cheesy “tours” that are merely glorified slideshows, and then there are pushy home videos that are garish commercials. Not so here. This Dallas cinematographer’s eye brings out the luxury and beauty of your home. And we do so in a graceful way that attracts home buyers to you.

“This is the key to making it emotionally desirable – triggering requests for showings. Real estate is all about perception of value and that is what our Dallas Real Estate Video provides.”

We also provide magazine-quality Dallas real estate photographers. In any marketplace, enjoy the rewards of a faster home sale and for top dollar with HD Property Promotion of Dallas, Texas at 877-858-0071.


Dallas Private High School Senior Portrait Photographer

The Best Dallas Senior Portrait photographer – now the preferred choice for Dallas private shools – such as Dallas’ Hockaday and Ursuline Academy high schools.

Dallas Hockaday High School Senior Portrait Photographer

The Art of Dallas Senior Portraits – Call 877-858-0071

Marcus is Dallas’ leading fashion editorial and high school senior portrait photographer working in both Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth. He had the pleasure photographing magazine covers, celebrities and Hollywood stars. Marcus has also worked with  local and national magazines on editorial and celebrity assignments.Marcus  loves helping high school seniors see their inner and outer beauty with her boutique-like portrait experience, and bringing awareness to healthy body image.

His approach is that wholeness and confidence is the real key to beauty and that when you are present to that – to that feeling and way of being, that your senior portraits become compelling and attractive works of art!

Enjoy results that let you SHINE through with magazine-quality photography you and your family will love. Call 877-858-0071 to book your Dallas senior portraits today.


Dallas Model Portfolio Photographer

Dallas Model Portfolio Photographer — Call 877-858-0071

Dallas Model headshots are great for building your modeling portfolio. Modeling Portfolios shoots your MODEL PORTFOLIO. Modeling Photographer shooting the best in Model shoots and modeling Headshots. 

Are you a teenager wanting to break into modeling and are you looking to update your model portfolio? Looking for a photographer to create a comp card for you to promote yourself or get representation at a talent or modeling agency?

Marcus is an expert at Dallas model photographer for model portfolio development. If you’re looking for a versatile model photographer who can help you get ahead in your career, in Dallas call 877-858-0071.


Dallas Headshots Photographers for Business and Corporate Use

Dallas Headshots – Call 877-858-0071

Dallas headhot photographer shoots headshot portraits of businessmen and women, job seekers, staff, executives, for corporations and small businesses alike.  Our Dallas headshots can end up everywhere from your company website, ID badge, blog, social media, LinkedIN page, Google maps listing and more.

Award-Winning Dallas Photographer, Specializing in Dallas Portraits, Dallas Headshots, High-Quality photography of individuals and groups alike. We can come to your location with studio backdrops and studio portrait lighting or work with your site for an environmental portrait.

These days your headshot is often your first impression and social media opens up so many ways for your image, your business and your services to be seen online. Call 877-858-0071 for your Dallas headshots today.


Dallas Photograpehr – Dallas Business Headshots

Dallas Business Headshots love being photographed by Dallas Photographer, Marcus. As a leading Dallas Portrait Photographer, business portraits are a business and marketing tool to promote yourself.

Dallas Photographer for Portraits and Headshots

Your Dallas business headshot is your introduction – your image – your first impression. It is very valuable to promote yourself and show you welcome prospective business relationships.

Marcus is a master at helping you project both a confident and welcoming image that captures respect. And the result is a higher degree of business success for you. Call this Dallas photographer at 877-858-0071 for your


Dallas Model Portfolio Photographer

Dallas Model Portfolio Photographer – Call 877-858-0071

Dallas Models wanting truly professional portfolio photography need the best Dallas photographer.

Dallas photographer, Marcus, will shoot photographs for your modeling portfolio and provide you with digital files you can make your own prints from.

Whether you want Dallas portraits because you are an actor or actress, because you are a model or even if you want portraits and headshot for social purposes and online dating. Simply call 877-858-0071.


Dallas Children’s Portrait Photographer – Child Portraits

Dallas Child Portrait Photographer — Call 877-858-0071

Your Dallas Child Portraits are treasures you will cherish forever. We photograph usually in outdoor locations, although we can go inside the studio too. But we find that these are vibrant and real and the beauty of nature is best to compliment the awe and wonder in a child’s eyes.

We photograph all ages and know some wonderful locations around Dallas for your child’s portraits.

Our contemporary style of Dallas Children’s Portrait Photography has many advantages in our value-packed photo collections. Call your next Dallas photographer at 877-858-0071.


Dallas Photographer – Outdoor Dallas Family Photographer

Taking amazing photos of your family might not be your best talent, so cut to the chase and get the whole family professionally photographed by Marcus, an award winning Dallas Photographer.

Dallas Photographer – 877-858-0071

Our vibrant, on-location photography moves you out of a formal studio and into beautiful surroundings for the best results! Marcus is a Dallas Photographer emphasizing natural light who specializes in taking photos of:

and headshots

He understands that you appreciate organic moments rather than snapping a bunch of forced smiles, and he’s always looking for the little details that count: a true expression, a loving look, or a fun interaction that will make photos fondly memorable.

Marcusknows the top spots to photography around Dallas, Highland Park, Addison, Irving, Frisco and Plano – or you can choose to meet at a spot of your choice – even your home, if you’re after a natural, cozy type of photo shoot.

If it’s been too long since you’ve gathered everyone together for a decent shot, take this opportunity to love your results! Call 877-858-0071 for pricing and packages.


Beautiful Dallas Senior Portraits – Portrait Photographer in Dallas

This slideshow says it all. We take beautiful and vibrant portraits of Dallas High School Seniors.

We know great locations all around Dallas for any style of Dallas Senior Portraits – from sassy to classy. Simply call our professional Dallas portrait photography at 877-858-0071.


Dallas Fitness Photographer – Figure, Swimsuit, Bodybuilder Portraits

Dallas Fitness Photographer – Call 877-858-0071.

Dallas Fitness Photography is a love of mine because I respect the hard work it takes to get a top athletic physique. I have photographed many major bodybuilding competitions as well as Fitness magazine covers, etc.

My Dallas Fitness Photography is ideal for the person who wants to document their physique from a photographer that knows exercise physiology so I can help with the posing and getting you the most flattering fitness photos possible. (a division of my parent Dallas Portrait Photography Studio)

As a Dallas Fitness Photographer, I photograph bodybuilders, personal trainers, fitness experts, bikini models, figure models, fitness models and more. Call Marcus at 877-858-0071 for your Dallas Fitness photo shoot!


Dallas Fitness Photographer – Bodybuilder Athlete & Trainer Portraits

Dallas Fitness Photography by Marcus at 877-858-0071

Attention bodybuilders, personal trainers, athletes, and all those in the sports industry – professional fitness portraits can say it all – ideal for self-promotion, for grabbing the attention of model and talent agencies.

The action and vibrancy I infuse into your Dallas fitness photography will galvanize the attention of hiring agents, talent scouts and sponsors alike.

As your Dallas Fitness Photographer, I work WITH you to bring out your best. I work with lighting, camer angles, lenses, etc — all to paint a thousand words of promotion with a photographic image.

I do all kinds of Dallas fitness and health photography as well as bodybuilder portrait photography. I’ve also done many body transformation contest “after” photos. Whatever your current fitness photography need, simply call me at 877-858-0071 for results you will love!


Dallas Wedding Photographer – Wedding Photography

Get stunning results you will adore by choosing Dallas Wedding Photographer Marcus for your wedding photography.

Call Dallas Wedding Photographer at 972-822-3587

Truly, your wedding date is the culmination of so much love between the two of you, and your wedding photography should be equally special. After all, your Dallas Wedding Photography will be what you, and future generations, will remember year after year!

Our superb artistic style combines the best of photojournalistic, traditional contemporary wedding photography to tell the story of your wedding day in glowing color from every angle.

Enjoy the satisfaction knowing our Dallas Wedding Photographers are going to make your wedding photography as beautiful as your committed love. Simply call  972-822-3587.

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