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Dallas Pet Photographer Portraits – Dog, Cat, Horse

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Dallas Pet Photographer, Marcus is here to take precious photos of your dog, cat or horse.

Our pet photography has 5 quick reasons why we will bring out the best in your pet portrait photos:

1. We know the right angle

Our pet portraits get down on your pet’s level. We’re not afraid to experiment with different camera angles. We can use a stool or chair to prop your pet up if he or she is short.

2. Treats get your pet’s attention

When we photograph your pet, you should keep treat handy to reward your pet for sitting still so long. Heck, give your family members their favorite candy for posing during the family portion of the photo shoot.

3. We get creative with color

Considering the color or design of the backdrop you are working with is important when taking photos of your pets. Matching your dog’s or cat’s fur to the color of a blanket, chair or wall can turn out looking extremely artistic. Conversely, make your pet pop against a patterned background or bold piece of furniture. We happen to love this photographer’s color pallet and inspiration from everyday artwork.

4. Be natural and fun

Listen — if you don’t normally go swimming with Harry the Hamster, don’t start now. Take photographs of you being you with your cuddly friend. Walk your dog, pet your cat or feed your fish. Photos where you look forced (or are forcing your pet to do/be someone he or she isn’t) look silly, not sweet.

5. Take advantage of nature

There’s a reason postcards are always depicting scenery — God’s nature is truly amazing. So why not use the mountains, lakes, flowers, clouds, sky, grass, and trees to your advantage? Go outside to take your photos (but make sure your camera is set to the appropriate outdoor mode). No matter where you live or what the weather may be, put your backyard to good use. Not a promising forecast? Sometimes rain can provide unexpected elements you can use to your advantage, like puddles and umbrellas.

So call us for Dallas Pet Portraits at 877-858-0071.
Call Dallas Pet Photographer at 877-858-0071