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Dallas Headshots

When is comes to getting your Dallas headshot taken, do you ever wonder if “just any” photographer will do?

The truth is that there is a lot that goes into getting a really successful headshot. Yes, there is picking the right clothing so as to not distract from your face. Yes, there is the right angle that works with the shape of your face (and the part of your hair) to make you most attractive.

Yes, even all that won’t make your headshots a winner without the right lighting, to remove harsh shadows and smooth your skin. We’re talking lighting from a good angle. I think about the main light and the reflected light to make your face positively glow and fill the shadows for a very trustworthy look.

But there’s an additional dimension to my Dallas headshot photography that takes your results higher — and its more psychological than technical. You think you’re going to be chipper during your photo session, but you don’t know how the lens sees you.

Some people smile to little, some too much, some squnt their eyes, hold their head too much to one side and so forth. But even a photographer who knows exactly how to deal with all the above, has not had my training in what comes next.

It is my gifting to transfer peace and confidence into you and into your photos.

It is part psychology, but just as much spiritual. So I cannot take any credit for it, but it truly is this factor that makes others see you (however you look physically) as “attractive” – as a winner. And when your inner glow comes through your eyes and face, the viewer is powerfully drawn to you. It penetrates deeper than looking “happy” to conveying confidence and wholeness. It is not simply physical “beauty”, it is personal attractiveness in a larger sense.

This is equally true for business portraits, modeling and fashion portfolio sessions and actor headshots. No matter the purpose of our Dallas headshot photography session, you want to maximize the results.

I’d love to work with you and serve your needs with professional portraits and headshots. I welcome your call at 877-858-0071.

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