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Dallas Headshots For Models & Actors – Portrait Photographer

Today’s Dallas Headshots have come a long way from what they used to be. As a professional Dallas headshot photographer, I have witnessed a positive change from the stuffy and overly formal type of headshot in the studio, to a more candid and expressive portrait.

This change mirrors what we see today in social media — your prospects (whether in business, acting or modeling) want to view you as accessible, As approachable. The overly formal look of years gone by reflected at attempt to look perfect, and since nobody believes you are perfect, that look now is seen as less authentic.

There are a couple places where you want every hair in place:
Beauty Contest and Pageant Headshot Portraits
Financial or Medical Headshot Portraits

Otherwise, even CEO headshots for business, need to show a little personality. Even heads of companies need to be REAL. In all cases, the viewer wants to feel they can connect with you – whether to do business, be their doctor or hire you in their modeling or acting gig.

That makes my style of headshot photography ideal to promote yourself. Dallas actor headshots find that they land more roles becuase the lighting and expression all speaks life and personality in the photo. Likewise Dallas models headshots need to portray both inner and outer beauty that helps them land their next modeling opportunity.

In each case, I work with you to project the most compelling and attractive image possible in your headshots. After all, they are a business investment and I help you make it pay back in a big way.
Simply call 877-858-0071 or email my Dallas Headshot Studio at studio@headshotpros.com to arrange for your photography session to best forward your goals!

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