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Great Poses for Your Dallas Headshots

As a professional headshot photographer in Dallas, it is my job to know how to make you look your best in front of the camera. This video demonstrates some of the subtle shifts that can take you from average to great.

In addition, I work with the styling of your hair to best compliment your face and its angle to the lens. But on top of that, this video does not go into it, but the shape of your face also determines how I will pose you for best results.

For example a wide/rounder face shape (as with the model in the video), shooting the face straight on makes it appear even wider, so you want to angle the face. A narrow face is one I will typically photograph more straight on to show it at its maximum width appearance.

The artistry is endless when you take into account the shape of the forehead, the length of the nose, how deep the eyes are set in and so forth… It takes the right light and the right pose to give your headshots the most value.

Knowing how to apply all that you YOU is what it is all about. So rely on my headshot expertise for that professional look that goes from a cheap studio photo to an attention-grabbing and welcoming image of you — after all you want that for success in your career, whether that is:

One simple number to call to book your Dallas Headshot and Portrait photography today — 877-858-0071.

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