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What we mean by Dallas Business Headshot Retouching

We offer unique value for your Dallas Business headshots in that we retouch ALL your photos. Here’s what we mean by this:

Business headshot retouching means:
• color balancing
• background vignetting
• whitening eyes and teeth
• skin smoothing, including around the eyes
• removal of blemishes such as a pimple

Retouching does not mean:
• making me into a different person
• changing the color of my hair’s roots
The result is that you look like your best your YOU. Yes our line and wrinkle softening might take a few years off your appearance, but it will always still look like you. Our business headshots in Dallas are best suited for groups: whole office staff, boards of directors, 10 or more employees at a sitting, entire law firms and so forth.
Call to ask about availability and pricing for truly professional results on your Dallas business portraits at 877-858-0071.

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