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Why Get "On-Set" Makeup for Dallas Business headshots

I usually talk about quality of your portraits in terms of the photography. Today I want to address another area of quality – the area of makeup for business headshots.

You see, your image is part of your brand. So you invest in professional Dallas headshots to put a face with the name. Of course you want to put your best face forward when it comes to your business. The best way to insure success is to bring in a team of professionals.

That means, in addition to your business headshot photographer, hiring a professional stylist and makeup artist to assist you while you are on location can really bring your look together. Having hair and makeup professionally done for your shoot gives you instant confidence that you are ready to step on front of that camera. Keeping hair and makeup on location for the shoot gives you the opportunity have touch ups and make adjustments based on the exact lighting conditions of your business portraits.

These tips apply both to an individual corporate portrait or when you are getting fresh business portraits of the entire firm.

Remember that this is the image that you are giving to the world to sell yourself in business. Make the most of your investment by having professionals assist you in creating the best image possible. Our clients who opt for business makeup services are always glad they did!

BUSINESSMEN HEADSHOTS: we don’t usually think about makeup for men, but as a photographer I certainly see that it does help. The camera notices every detail. Men often have blotchy skin on their faces. By this I mean patches of redness, that, while not as noticeable in person, show up in their portraits. I often find myself trying to mask this by making the skin tomes more yellow instead of red. However, this only makes yellow areas of your face overly yellow. Makeup can easily even out your skin tones.

The other area that really applies to businessmen headshots is skin shininess. Some people’s skin is simply more oily than others. And this is more apparent if your hairline is receding or if your are bald. Fellows, 10 minutes of professional makeup for camera is well worth it.

BUSINESSWOMEN HEADSHOTS: You want to look clean and natural. Our business style makeup keeps you contemporary without looking like you’re wearing makeup, while still looking “refined”. For ladies, I see as a photographer often way too much eye makeup! You need to keep the eyeliner minimal. What is fine for a night on the town is too much for your business portrait. My makeup artist will work with your hair and eye color, as well as skin tones to make you positively glow!

We want you to get the best results possible from your professional portrait session so we trust that these tips will be put to good use. For on-location business portraits and corporate headshots of all kinds, simply call our studio at 972-822-3587.

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