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Retouching For Dallas Headshots and Portrait Photography

A lot of portrait and headshot clients ask me about retouching. “Standard” retouching is included in the price of all packages, for even more value. The goal of this retouching is smoothing skin blemishes, not making you into a different looking person.

Where most other headshot photographers will retouch one photo, we throw in retouching on a handful. How far this retouching goes is hard to describe in words, so here’s an example — before and after.

Think of it as “digital makeup”. Speaking of makeup, we offer optional professional makeup for our portraits and headshots. And, as the above example shows, guys can use some makeup too. Often for me, there are both yellow and red areas of the face’s skin, These red areas are not as noticed in person with dynamic changes in lighting and movement. However in a static, still photo, they are readily apparent.

Also when taking portraits or headshots of men (not wearing makeup) can mean that shininess is a problem. And the darker the skin tone, the more the glare shows up! Well at this Dallas Headshot and Portrait Photography Studio, we say “no problem” — we have special tools for dealing with that too.

So book with confidence that you will love the results — even if you are intentionally trying to look “mean” as in our sample above! Call 972-822-3587.

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