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Use Event Photography to Promote Your Business

Event Photography is an ideal way for businesses to get their brand, products and services out in a positive way in today’s climate.

Today, marketing has had to become more SOCIAL in order to be effective. Businesses now have to develop the trust in their prospects by being open to dialogue – demonstrating their responsiveness to the customer’s needs and concerns.

Along with that, social marketing events (the face-to-face kind) are delivering more and more of the results that the slick campaigns no longer get. They allow for the kind of interaction that promotes your company’s services at a more personal level. With that goes trade shows and networking events. These can be, the company Christmas party, holiday parties of all kinds, and periodic events to announce product and service launches and so forth.

All of these are ideal opportunities to utilize Dallas event photography. The Dallas Event Photographers at Covenant Designs are experienced professionals. Our marketing-savvy approach to corporate and event photography means your prospects will see your business in a positive light.

Here are some great ways your company can boost its event marketing, tradeshow and corporate parties with our photography:

  • Roving Candid Photography: shows your prospects and employees interacting, having fun and engaging with your company.

  • Green Screen Photography: we photography people and replace the background with an image of the theme of your event, along with branding material such as your logo and slogan. Dallas Green Screen Photographer Photography. Green Screen Photography is ideal at corporate events, parties and trade shows.
  • Award Ceremony Photography: Achievements are worth being remembered and celebrated. Employees will cherish and be motivated by a photograph documenting this recognition.
  • VIP Photography: your company may have a distinguished VIP as an attendee, guest speaker or featured panelist. It can be an author, celebrity or we’ve even had the popular Dallas Cowboy Cheerleeaders come support corporate events. You’ll want photos!

  • Charity, Community Support, and Public Relations Events: let your company and your community know about the good deeds you are doing. Document it with our event photography.

At Covenant Designs, we’ve done many successful corporate events and corporate parties. There are too many possibilities to list, so simply call our digital photographers and tell us about your event so we can best serve your purposes with professional Dallas event photography. Call 972-822-3587.

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